Holding 6 workshops for general doctors, specialists and nurses in the 7th International Congress and 17th Annual Conference of Clinical Oncology

Dr. Nima Mousavi, the secretary of the executive committee of the congress, stated: This international congress will be held from 2th until 4th of February, which coincides with World Cancer Day, at the Olympic Hotel in Tehran. According to the arrangements made, domestic and foreign speakers from countries such as England, Germany, Australia, Turkey and also the World Health Organization will present in this congress.

He added: One of the important themes of this year’s program is breast cancer, which has been reported by the World Health Organization as the most common cancer in recent years. Due to the concern about decreasing the age of cancer, the importance of early diagnosis as well as treatment challenges in young patients with breast cancer have been discussed in this scientific congress.

Dr. Mousavi said: Gastrointestinal cancers will be presented in two separate panels of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts in this congress and the latest findings will be reviewed. Considering the importance of viral infections in head and neck cancers, this topic is also included in this year’s program.

He added: In the part of the Congress of Medical Physics, Radiation Therapy Technology and Radiobiology, a comprehensive program including lectures, panel and also 6 workshops will be held. Oncology Nursing Congress is also held in a separate hall, focusing on palliative care and pain control in cancer patients.

Dr. Nimamusoi further explained the goals of the congress and said: It is hoped that holding this congress will provide a good opportunity to transfer knowledge and exchange scientific experiences between domestic and foreign experts and can take a small step to improve the quality of diagnostic and treatment services for cancer patients.