The 7th International Congress and the 17th Annual Conference of Clinical Oncology will be held

Dr. Yasha Makhdomi, the president of the Iranian Radio Oncology Association, said on the eve of the 7th International Congress of Clinical Oncology: This congress will be held from the 2th to the 4th of February with the presence of eminent professors and experts from national and international universities and association.

Referring to the goals of this congress, Dr. Makhdomi said: In line with the mission of the Iranian Radio-Oncology Association to promote the knowledge and empowerment of specialists, assistants, doctors, and nurses, to update national knowledge in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment, the findings presented at the international conference of ASCO and ESMO will also be explained in this congress.

The president of the Iran Radio Oncology Association continued: In this congress, the latest scientific achievements in medical physics, radiation therapy technology, radiobiology, oncology nursing, and other topics will be presented.

In the end, Dr. Makhdomi pointed out that the Iranian Radio-Oncology Association, in response to the scientific and experimental mission of the association, organizes this international congress and annual conference every year with the cooperation of university professors and specialists.

 in addition to strengthening and development scientific relations at the national and international levels will provide synergy and significant progress in the field of diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and palliative support.c Hotel in Tehran.