The start of the 7th International Congress and the 17th Annual Conference of Clinical Oncology

Dr. Yasha Makhdumi; President of the Radio Oncology Association and the 7th International Congress of Clinical Oncology at the opening ceremony:

The position of doctors in the health system of Iran and the world is more than a job. The role of doctors in improving the health and protecting the lives of our dear compatriots is very vital and effective.

Referring to the goals of this congress, Dr. Makhdomi said: In line with the inherent mission of the Iranian Radio-Oncology Association to promote indigenous knowledge and empower the cancer treatment team, all efforts and plans are focused on explaining the latest scientific findings in this congress.

In the end, Dr. Makhdoumi pointed out: Every year, this international congress and annual conference has been held with the cooperation of university professors and national and international experts, and in these two years, despite the Covid-19, efforts were made to continue holding it
Our goal of holding such programs is to strengthen and develop scientific relations at the national and international level to improve the management of cancer.